On Dec. 7, Colorado Governor Jared Polis together with the health department issued an order to remove the church attendance caps all over Colorado. The order was issued after the governor finally declared the houses of worship are essential so they are now allowed to exceed the recommended maximum number of people attending the in-person church services.

The implemented order applies to church worship services across Colorado such as weddings, funerals, and alike. The government however reminded the public to ensure that churches observe the proper COVID 19 restrictions protocol.

Churches may gather beyond the maximum number of attendees provided that they observe the currently implemented rules to make sure that gatherings do not pose a serious risk of virus exposure to everyone.

This is what you can expect from the Jubilee Staff.

Chairs will be wiped down before and after each service.
All staff/volunteers will be wearing masks for your safety.
Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in all areas around the building including entrances and exits.
To take notes during the message, download the Jubilee app. Text ' JFC App' to 77977 to easily download.
If you would like to give, we’ve made it easy for you! Utilize our online giving through www.jfc.org/give our ' Jubilee App', or text to give (Text ‘JFC’ to 77977). If you prefer cash or check, we have provided sanitized pens and envelopes in the lobby.

JKIDS Ministry (Birth - 5th Grade)

We have put in place touchless check-in for your safety and convenience.
You can check-in by using the Church Center App as early as an hour before service. For instructions on how to check-in click here.
We will open all the JKIDS rooms, 15 minutes before every service.
We will sanitize all toys, outdoor playground and other items before, in between, and after each service.
We have made changes to JKIDS ministry. These changes are as follows:
Kindergarten - 2nd grade (Multi- Purpose Room, next to Preschool Room)
3rd grade - 5th grade (JKIDS Room)
Due to current restrictions all our JKIDS rooms will be snack free.

Jubilee will continue to offer our complete online services for those of you who are uncomfortable attending, who are elderly, and if you are sick or have a compromised immune system. If you feel in any way uncomfortable attending an in-person service at this time, I encourage you to continue watching online. Watch us online at jfc.org/live or Facebook Live.


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